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Essential Oils and Bath

Fragrant Essence Essential Oils
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Essential Oils and Bath
Essential Oils are great and easy to use in a Bath. Read to learn how to dilute the essential oils for a bath.

Pamper yourself with an aromatic bath that you deserve!

This is the simplest method of getting the best and effective therapeutic results from the Essential Oils.

Always dilute the essential oil in carrier oils prior to using in bath.

Not only will this extend the length of your essential oil, it will also prevent skin irritation if the essential oil is used undiluted. Add the blend to the water after filling the tub. Mix 2 ounces of carrier oil with 15-20 drops of essential oil (Lavender is the most favored).

Again, reduce amount of oils used in baths for young children.

My Experience:

I cannot live without having a relaxing aromatherapy bath at the end of the day. Sometimes I add bubble bath to which I have added some of my favorite essential oils - Lavender or Jasmine. Another variation I use is adding Baking Soda to the running water and adding Lavender essential oil at the end. I find Baking Soda softens the water.

And I always use body oil mix using essential oils after my bath. I created a mixture that I just love the scent of using Fennel, Geranium, Benzoin and Chamomile.

Essential Oil and Massage
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